Today we had you "show us" how you would spec your Hellcat, but did you know you can lease one? I know that many of you think leasing a car is the worst idea ever, but hear me out. "Borrowing" a 707hp, tire-shredding Challenger Hellcat could be the best-worst idea ever!

So $600/mo (with $5000 down for 48 months) is nothing to sneeze at, but a 60 month finance with the same down-payment is going to run you over $1000 per month!


If you were to drive the Hellcat as God intended, I estimate you would burn through a set of rear-tires every 6 months. A set of two Pirrellis on Tire-Rack will set you back between $340-$540 each. That means you should factor in yearly tire budget between $1360- $2160. And we haven't even talked about insurance and fuel for this monster.

Here is the other issue...this Hellcat has 707hp. Knowing how batshit crazy Dodge is, I'm going to predict now that there will be some special edition called the Challenger Hellcat Satan-Spawn that has 900 horsepower because half the car will be a supercharger. When that happens in a few years, no one is going to want to buy a Hellcat with only 707hp. Therefore, I would rather keep that $456 in my pocket every month to cover gas, rubber, insurance and not have to worry about that massive depreciation hit.

But the question remains...who is going to buy all those pre-hooned, pre-owned Hellcats when the leases are up? If anything will question the legitimacy of factory certified programs it would be a CPO Hellcat.



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