Mind The Gap When Exiting The Ferry

Gif from CCTV video via The Mirror

Ferries are big boats that often transport people and cars across large bodies of water. It’s important to note that it’s best to wait until the ferry docks again before trying to exit.

Footage from a ferry pulling in to Kerch, a city in the area of Southern Ukraine recently annexed by Russia, shows that one lead-footed driver lost their patience, plunging into the waters of the Kerch Straight separating the Sea of Azov from the Black Sea:


The video featured on The Mirror’s website shows the black Lada driving off the ferry just before the ramp connects with the dock. The driver was rescued from the water and reportedly unhurt. However, the ferry was forced to abort the docking, causing a delay of “several hours.”

Perhaps the driver expected some Hollywood-style stunt. “Watch this,” they may have said.

Via Autoblog

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