Hey, Hey, LBJ! They're Selling Your Car in Monterey!

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Around the Texas Hill Country, former President Lyndon Baines Johnson is revered. Even Austin's classic rock radio station's call letters are KLBJ. Like many Texans of a certain social stature, Johnson had a ranch. And on his ranch he had some cars. E-I-E-I-O. Sorry. And like his predecessor (who famously met his end in one), ol' Lyndon had a penchant for Lincoln convertibles.


Notoriously expensive to restore, most power accessories on those '60s Continentals were vacuum-operated, and mint examples tend to cost less than rebuilding a junker. Johnson's white '64 Continental, which goes on the block at Christie's Monterey auction, might do something to boost the prices of these gorgeous cars, or it may well be a presidentially-oriented anomaly. E-I-E-I-O. [Thanks to RF for the tip.] [Update: The car sold for $94,000.]

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