Three years ago, Bill Caswell entered the WRC Rally Mexico with a $500 BMW 318i that he bought off Craigslist. Not only did he finish, he finished third in his class. That earns you instant legend status and gets you a legion of fanboys. And now Bill is here for the next hour to answer any and all of your questions.

Bill's exploits in that $500 BMW helped people realize that rally racing could actually be done on a fairly tight budget. Like Ken Block and Travis Pastrana, Bill also helped bring awareness of rally to a younger generation that cannot care less about cars. He's helping to promote motorsports on a wider level, and I think that's something we can al be behind.

Last weekend, Bill raced a BMW 318ti in the ESPR Rally in upstate New York. He drove the car there from Chicago, and planned to race then drive it back. An accident on Saturday's final stage may have altered those plans slightly, but the car is actually still in relatively good shape.


Anywho, Bill has been kind enough to give us an hour of his time before he jets off to another ridiculous destination. Ask him anything about the past, the present, the future, or time that man forgot.

Jump in below!

Update: Bill had to run to catch a flight. But have no fear, he said he's going to log back on to answer more questions at the airport and tonight, etc.


Photo Credit: Chris Meegan