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Is it just us or do y'all picture Tim Robbins' character from High Fidelity running around with a Metallica shirt pulled over his head yelling, "I AM CORNHOLIO!" when you hear the name "Ian Beavis"? Although Beavis is an auto-industry marketing vet, we still crack up whenever we run across his name. His goal for Hyundai-owned Kia? We want people to aspire to own a Kia, not settle for one. We get the feeling this is gonna be a tough one for Beavis and crew, despite the fact that the Koreans are really starting to build cars that we could understand people wanting to buy. All the marketing in the world isn't going to make Kia an aspirational brand, however. What will help, is when the Chinese finally arrive to take over Kia's low-man-on-the-totem-pole status. Settle down, Beavis. Your time will come.

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