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Could hot rodding really be hot rodding if it weren't for a wee bit o' fire-breathin', tire-smokin', bumper-cover meltin' action? Some people don't think so, and while automotive flamethrowers have been around for years, they've reached enough of a critical mass that The Detroit Free Press felt compelled to report upon the hoonesque, better-than-a-whistle-tip accessory.

Cheap and relatively simple to install, the systems consist of a spark plug and a fuel line routed into the exhaust system, that when activated, shoots leaping licks o' flame out the back of the car. We once saw a pretty high-dollar custom get scorched by a malfunction of the system, but we've known plenty of others who've used 'em without incident. In any event, they tickle our inner Beavis, and that's enough, innit?


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