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Here's What You Do With A Barn Find 1972 Jeep Wagoneer

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When you buy a car that hasn’t moved in 13 years, there are a few things you need to look at before firing her up. After that, it’s adventure time.


Fred from Dirt Every Day ended up buying a one owner 1972 Wagoneer in Washington with 80,000 miles in the clock and a set of 1978 Michelins on its wheels which haven’t moved since 2003. The car came with a bit of leftover fuel, its owner’s manual full of notes and a Warn 8274 winch with a busted cable.


After going through the usual checklist of fluids, belts, wires and filters, the 360 AMC came to life like clockwork, and the Wagoneer left the garage just in time to make it to nearest tire shop.

But don’t think BFG Mud Terrains can help when you’re foolish enough to drive your family hauler into deep snow following some guy on a KTM snow bike. That’s just not happening.

Bring cars back to life with your friends and visit national parks with them. That’s what these were made for back in 1972.

European writer of Jalopnik, based in Budapest.

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Could Jeep produce this car today? The A-pillar would probably need beefing up to fit in the airbags, but would that be the only change that they’d need to make? I’m talking about body style, not all of the unseen stuff underneath. If they’d do a “Classic Series” or something like that where they’d reproduce beauties like this one (with a slightly more modern interior, but not too much) I think that they’d make a bunch of money. The retro muscle cars are selling big so why not make some retro SUV’s?