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Here's What It's Like To Race A 900 HP Pickup Truck Over A Ski Slope

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Last month a bunch of Red Bull-sponsored maniacs raced insanely overpowered Pro-4 trucks at the Sunday River ski resort in Maine, and it was awesome. Look for a full broadcast on NBC March 1st, and check out some dash cam footage right now!


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I announce motocross races but really want to talk about cars

I did the announcing for this show on RedBull TV and NBC (try to hear my voice while reading this thread)—so I'm biased—but this was pretty amazing. The craziest part was, this was the first year they raced the trucks side-by-side, and since they don't have a snow track to practice on, they had literally never gone door to door until the first actual race right here. Qualifying and practice runs were solo. Most of the drivers said they were just driving in a white out if they were in second place. The solution: keep it pinned!