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Here's What Happens When Your Supercharged Drag Bike Suddenly Gets Full Boost

From StreetBikeStunts/YouTube

Australian motorcycle drag racer Brett Ghedina found himself rolling down the drag strip after his motorcycle rocketed from beneath him. The footage is startling, but somehow, the rider shakes it off like a boss.


Brett Ghedina, drag racer from Perth, Australia, ate dust last weekend at the Maximum Thrust Grand Final at the Perth Motorplex after his Honda CBR launched from between his legs, sending Ghedina barreling down the track like a rag doll.

The cause of the accident was a wiring issue on Ghedina’s boost controller, says Top Gear. That wiring issue sent full boost to the engine, causing the bike to take off like a fighter jet.


So, imagine VTEC kicking in (yo), but times a thousand.

Here’s a video of Ghedina’s incident. His funny, but calm response after watching the crash: “That’s not what it’s supposed to do.”

What a boss.

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Just wear your damn mask...

And here I am thinking an extended swing arm is supposed to prevent exactly this.