Did you guess “you get wet!?” Somehow, I did too, and still thought watching this guy get high-pressure hosed on his Yamaha was hilarious.

Skip through the first 90 seconds of nonsense to watch the washing. Oh yeah, you don’t need the soundtrack either.


So yeah, this is a pretty terrible idea and hopefully the video will satisfy any curiosity you might have had about the experience. I mean, even the coin-operated self-sprayer car wash down the road from me hurts to get hit with!

This is a full onslaught of water razors. And of course, the kid riding’s only wearing a t-shirt.

The owner’s manual on my Yamaha WR actually says not to hit the bike with high-pressure water, though I hope the seals are good enough that a rinse off wouldn’t kill the bike.

What a goofball.

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