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The McLaren 650S is a new entrant to the super sports car ranks. And like any super sports cars, there are a number of schools of thought. So what does a French pro-driver think?


Mine is that I don't like it. I'm a big fan of McLarens, but in my opinion, Frank Stephenson and his team did a lazy job with the new car's nip and tuck P1 front, while I also think the fantastic 12C deserved more years on this planet than three and a half. But don't mind me.

Travis, who actually drove it is absolutely right in saying that the 650S made the 12C look obsolete while overall, it's a 'a maniacally good car'. True words.


Moving from America to England, people get even friendlier towards the 650S. Even if they are French, like Le Mans/CART/Indy 500 veteran Nic Minassian.

While comparing the car to the standard 458 Italia is only something Andy from Goodwood could get away with, the fact that the McLaren is scarier than his racing cars is proof that Woking produced an exceptionally rewarding driver's car once again.


Shame about that nose job.

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