Here's the trailer for the Formula SAE documentary "RELENTLESS"

Oregon State University is producing a documentary about the collegiate racing/engineering series Formula SAE and, if the trailer is any indication, RELENTLESS looks like it wants to be to collegiate Formula SAE racing what SENNA was to Formula One. Awesome.

Many Jalopnik writers and readers were involved with the Society of Automotive Engineers-sponsored racing series in college (or with the Baja derivative). It's a great way to learn about engineering and just a reasonable excuse to spend an afternoon busting knuckles.

This documentary is being produced by OSU so it's also a promotional vehicle for the school and its engineering program, but that doesn't mean it can't also be enjoyable. If you're interested in Formula SAE, one of our readers also wrote a book about the topic, which you should check out.

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sorry i just cant take go cart racing seriously.