Here's The New Ford GT Mule Just Cruising Around Detroit, No Big Deal

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In some parts of the country, like California, the really hot and cold states, or Michigan, you may just get lucky when you’re out driving and spot a mule. Most of the time they’re pretty boring — new sedans, new trucks, new crossovers, etc. I saw a Bentley Bentayga mule on may way to San Francisco last week. But one person in Detroit found the mother of all mules — a freaking 2016 Ford GT.

That mule is cooler than the other mules. No contest.

YouTube user “Dr. Scandalous” (wasn’t he a member of Prince’s entourage?) got some decent video of the new Ford GT just driving around Detroit, no big deal you guys, whatever, just like any ol’ other car.

Yep. No big deal at all. Just the return of America’s greatest racing icon, due back at Le Mans next year and in the showrooms of you friendly neighborhood Ford dealer.


If you’re in Detroit and you see this thing out, shoot us an email at And ask for a ride. Worst they can say is no, right?

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