There's something about prototype cars that every gearhead finds interesting, and the ones that work hardest to hide their secrets are some of the best. Which is why this mid-engined Boxster prototype in an unassuming 911 body is so terrific. Also, that guy's accent is so German. If I heard an actor sound like that, I'd roll my eyes.

This thing is pretty fantastic. It's one of the last of the air-cooled 911s from the outside, but there seem to be radiators wedged in the side intakes for the Boxter's water-cooled boxer back there. And the Targa's rear bubble window is all nice and blacked out so nosy people won't peek in and see there's an engine where the little back seat normally is.


In a way, it's sort of like the original 356, which used a VW Beetle drivetrain flipped 180°, and the later 914 reused this formula, but with a VW Type IV engine (or a 911 flat-6, if you were really lucky).

Usually, these mules are destroyed by the companies once their projects are finished; good for Porsche for keeping around this fascinating work-in-progress.

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