Here's The Alfa Romeo Giulia Captured In Public Video For The First Time

It’s damn near impossible to hate Alfa Romeos, due to all their, well, let’s just say “charm.” And when we saw the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, our feelings were no different. But those were all slick manufacturer photos and videos, so it was hard to see what it was really like. So here’s the first video of the new hotness captured not by a professional.


And as you can see, it’s still gorgeous.

It looks like this was actually caught in preparation for another video from Alfa, judging by the red example kept mostly under wraps, and the enormous mobile boom camera mounted to what looks like an older Mercedes ML55 (I think?) AMG.

But what matters is that none of the new 510-horsepower Giulia Quadrifoglio is fakery. None of it is “just good lighting.” In fact, I’d say it looks even better in the flesh, in white.

I will drive this car. That is a promise I make to myself, right now.

Because we all should.

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