Here's The 2016 Ford Focus RS Making An Angry Buzz Around The 'Ring

The new 2016 Ford Focus RS is coming. We know in what form (hatch), we know what engine it'll probably have (2.3-liter turbo four cylinder out of the Mustang), and we know how fast it'll go (like stink). And now you know how flat it'll take a corner around the Nurburgring (quite).


That last bit is actually pretty heartening, as it's rumored to still be sending all of its boiling-hot hatch power out the front wheels.


And this video, from AutoEvolution, seems to support the four-cylinder-only rumor as well, hearing how the engine make a distinct buzzing noise, and not that weird and delightful rasp that five-pots tend to make.

Now the only question is whether or not we'll get it in the US (maybe). Though I'm hoping for US, seeing as how the hot hatch market over here in general is a whole lot steamier since the last generation of Focus RS went on sale.

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All we really want is an AWD FoST under $30k