This is a sitcom-length film from 1940 about Auto-Lite and their many, many important automotive endeavors, full of strange, outdated terminology and pacing and charm. Best of all, the film ends with a stop-motion parade of headlights, taillights, distributors, batteries, spark plugs, cookware, intake manifolds, luggage, speedometers, and all of the other glorious produce of Auto-Lite’s many, many plants.

Here, settle in and watch:

Auto-Lite has been around since 1911, when they started making generators for buggy lamps. They really did produce a bewildering array of electrical and other automotive parts, and I love hearing strange phrasing like “half a hundred” in this old film, and also the repeated analogies of their electrical parts to parts of a human nervous system.


Also, please note this robot made from spark plug boxes:

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I hope to see all of you one day at the great auto parts parade. It will be a glorious day indeed.

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