Here's Ariel's New Super Fun Nomad Buggy In Action

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What can possibly be more entertaining than an Ariel Atom? Well, maybe one covered in mud. The new Ariel Nomad is just that, and here's everything you should know about it.

Ariel Motors claims that the Nomad feels at home everywhere, be that "a gravel track, a WRC rally stage, a green lane, a desert, a grassy field or even the city". But make no mistake, this car is no grocery getter.

Instead, it's a mad buggy that comes with Ariel's signature bronze welded cage chassis (made of 57mm, 38mm and 25mm diameter ERW /CDS steel tubes) equipped with a long travel suspension, double unequal wishbones, high rotation metalastic bushes and an aluminum steering rack with only 1.7 turns lock to lock, all from suppliers such as Alcon (brakes), Bilstein (dampers), Eibach (springs), Goodridge (fluids) and Race Technologies (electronics).

For a body work, the Nomad got moulded polyethylene panels, sides and mudguards made of the same durable material they use for road cones. The composite covers come in many colors and carbon fibre remains an option for the bonnet and engine cover just like on the Atom.


Talking of the engine, it's Honda's 2.4 K24 i-VTEC producing 235 horsepower and 221 foot pounds of torque.

The whole thing weighs just 1,477 pounds (670 kg, roughly the same as an Autobianchi A112). Its 15 inch 235/75 mud tires are stopped by 240 mm brakes in all corners, with ventilated discs up front.


0-60 mph comes in 3.4 seconds while the Nomad's top speed is 125 mph, but that hardly matters since where these go, grip will not follow. Let me demonstrate:

Looks like a ton of fun, doesn't it? And it even comes with a six-speed manual!


If you want a really fancy Nomad, you can opt for a full heated windscreen and a different color for the powder coated chassis, but for those who instead want to go even faster off road can also have it with an oil cooler, adjustable Bilsteins with 2-piece springs, a cat-bypass pipe, bigger brakes, a more aggressive tire package and all the bits the FIA requires for competition racing. Let's start screaming DAKAR!

It's only Jan 6, but I already know what I want for Christmas.