Here's Anne Hathaway as Catwoman riding Batman's Batpod

Illustration for article titled Heres Anne Hathaway as Catwoman riding Batmans Batpod

One viewing of "Love & Other Drugs" might make one question whether Anne Hathaway has the necessary badittude to pull off Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises." This first image of her riding a Batpod offers a little reassurance.

Given what little information has leaked out about the third movie in director Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy, it's not even certain Hathaway's character will even be called "Catwoman," given the crimes committed against good taste under that name every Halloween. Hathaway herself says she's been sworn to a "Batman blood oath" about details from the film, now shooting in Pittsburgh. As long as there's more like this, we're in.

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I watched Love and Other Drugs purely to see Anne Hathaway nude.

It actually wound up being a pretty good movie.

Now she's in leather? I'll start scrounging parking lots for ticket money.