At least according to TMZ, it's in Detroit. DMX, for whatever drug-induced (just a guess) reason, took off his boxers and was playing a one-man hide-and-seek game with the staff at a hotel here.

I've never stayed in a Detroit hotel ever (because why? I live here) so I don't know what hotel this is. I'm guessing it's the Marriott at the RenCen because he was performing at Chene Park last weekend.


Fun fact: Just like Detroit, DMX is also bankrupt! But the teachable moment here is that we do have concert venues and hotels for said concert performers.

Apparently no charges were filed and I'd implore the Detroit Police Department to not consider a delayed indecent exposure charge or whatever because there are definitely more important things to worry about at the moment.

Never change, DMX. Never change.

[YouTube via TMZ]

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