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Here's A Nice Official Charger SRT Hellcat Burnout For You

Sure, it's a sublime thing to see a really well-executed burnout. The sublimation of tire meat into noise and smoke is a ritual that pleases Velocitor, the Many-Wheeled One, God of Speed. And it's great to see one done by a factory-approved professional, like Dodge provided earlier this week.


I was out driving the 2015 Charger and, notably, the Charger SRT Hellcat, that 707 HP monster of a four-door sedan. I'm still not supposed to talk about any driving impressions just yet, but I don't see any harm in showing you just how much tires should fear this car. In fact, if you have any tires in the room with you, now would be a good time to ask them to leave.

Are they gone? Even the one on your wheelbarrow? Okay. Good:

Dodge is no dummy; Dodge understands that this act right here is, really, the primary motivation for a car like this. That's why they stuck a factory man right there in the driver's seat to do this, all nice and official-like.


Except that spin at the end. I'm not totally certain he meant to do that, but it sure looked cool.

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I've never done a burnout like this in my truck before. Didn't want to tear anything up... Are they just planting one foot on the brake and another on the gas and simply overpowering the brakes, hence wearing them out as well as the tires?

I have done it just flooring it from a standstill, that works, but it's not the same thing.