I make a lot of gifs working for Jalopnik. Here are the best/worst/most memorable animations I made in 2013.

I'm going to go in something resembling chronological order, from the start of the year on. All of these gifs (other than that topshot, which is from an old MotorWeek) happened in 2013, unless I'm wrong. In that case, please correct me. If I'm right, I guess now is the time to announce this as the first annual GIFies!

Trunking Jason In A Tesla

Tax The Rich Slides An Enzo

F1's Most Awkward/Amazing Podium

The Little Fiat That Couldn't

Gary Busey Does Car Ads

Ben Wojdyla Almost Gets Killed

The 2014 Corolla Gets Crash Tested

Rally Truck Attacks Innocent Trees

NASCAR Trucks Run Dirt Track

Landslide Miraculously Doesn't Kill Anyone

As It Turns Out, I Like Explosions

Rally Car Attacks Innocent Logs

The Sexxxiest Crashes Of The Monaco Grand Prix

A Ship Launch Goes Very Wrong

As It Turns Out, I Really Like Explosions

Here's What Loading A Porsche 962 Looks Like

Here's What A Car Flying Into Your Windshield Looks Like

Fiat Built A Car Out Of Naked People

Because Gatebil

Inexplicable Flying Bird Father In Toyota Commercial

A Legal 170 MPH Flyby

F1 Introduces Thermal Cameras

Huckfest Bro Is Perfection

Hillclimb Car Enters Hyperdrive

McLaren Monsters The 'Ring

Did I forget anything?