Here's a Jaguar XJ220 Doing The Most Fiery Burnout Ever

Tax the Rich makes some of our favorite supercar hoonage videos on the YouTubes. They just released a trailer for their work, most of which we've seen before. But then there's this Jag burnout. Holy crap.


They haven't released a Jaguar XJ220 video yet, so this bodes well for the coming weeks.

And that burnout. Holy shit. You need to watch this. Now.

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Just Pelé

Ah, it's the rich idiots who abuse supercars for fun. All it does is make me wince and shake my head. While all cars should be driven and enjoyed, I hate garage queens, there's a line that need not be crossed. IMO, these are simply attention whoring punks with too much time on their hands, out thrashing daddy's cars because they can. Sad.