Here's a Closer Look at the 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison's Armor

Earlier this week, I reviewed the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison, and showed some photos and CAD images of the fairly extensive underbody protection that make it even more robust than the already capable ZR2. But don’t take it from me, click the video above and watch AEV’s president Dave Harriton break down the ZR2 Bison’s hardware.

In the video, Harriton shows the partly steel bumpers, front skid plate, transfer case skid plate, fuel tank armor, and the rear diff slider. Many of the parts—which are steel, and are shown in the CAD image below (the yellow transmission bars are optional and weren’t on our truck)—are scraped up, as we’d just taken the vehicle off-road near Phoenix earlier in the day.

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If you’re not able to watch videos right now because your nosey boss is staring over your shoulder, see my review for detailed pictures of the all of those body-protecting metal plates.


They seem to have done their job, though I’d like to take the truck on some tougher trails to really put them to the test.

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The diff slider made no sense to me until I remembered that GM diff covers are known for peeling back like a sardine tin if dragged over rocks. As someone with a removable third where the axle housing has a thick casing and no sharp edges I was baffled by why they would need that at first. I remember getting hung up on a rock once on my rear axle...both rear wheels off the ground...right on the weakest part of the diff (the ring protecting the drain plug) the rock lost.