Here’s Proof That A New Corvette Grand Sport Will Be Unveiled Tomorrow

Oliver Gavin, international sports car racer and man of mystery, looks to have just spilled the beans on the first new Chevy Corvette Grand Sport since 2013. The Grand Sport looks like it was supposed to be revealed tomorrow in Geneva, according to this Instagram post.


As you can see, Gavin is pleased to have made it to Geneva, and to celebrate, has posted a photo of some of his press materials, including a schedule for tomorrow that mentions both a “Corvette Grand Sport video” and a “Grand Sport Drive-on.” These are significant things to see on this leap day, because so far, Chevrolet has not announced a new Corvette Grand Sport.

Luckily, Oliver Gavin took care of that for them. Thanks, Oli!

I’m quite excited to see what this new Corvette Grand Sport will look like. The original Grand Sport was developed in 1962 as a direct response to the lighter, more powerful Shelby Cobra, and was developed by Corvette father Zora Arkus-Duntov himself. The result was an astounding 1350 lbs lighter than a stock ‘Vette, with a V8 putting out 550 horsepower.


Will this new one have the bold blue-and-white striped livery of the original and, say, the 1996 one, or will they try some new variation? Will it be insanely lighter than the stock ‘Vette? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, at 10:50 a.m Geneva time!

(Thanks, Alex!)

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