Formula One Driver Eats Wall On The Way To The Grid Before Race Even Starts

Haas Formula One driver Romain Grosjean already crashed out at a very wet Brazilian Grand Prix. Has the race started yet? Nope!

Grosjean went off at Turn 14 at Interlagos on the reconnaissance lap. His car slid into the wall after hitting water that was streaming down a hill on the circuit.


Grosjean was supposed to start seventh on the grid, which now has tents erected to shield cars from the wet conditions. He will not start the race now.

While the series previously announced that they weren’t starting under a safety car, several drivers said it was certainly wet enough for a safety car start. The series later agreed, as the start is now delayed 10 minutes and race will begin behind the safety car.


At that point, there’s really nothing you can do except face-palm through your helmet.


Poor RoGro. Poor Haas.

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Here’s an idea: don’t run race cars in the rain, maybe?