Here Is Some Of The New Toyota Supra GT Concept Before You're Supposed To See It

Setup has begun for the Geneva Motor Show, which opens in four days, and Toyota has rolled in its newest iteration of what we suspect will be the Supra. This car is clearly being shown in race-car form, with a Gazoo Racing livery and center-lock wheels and sticky Michelin slick tires. Is it possible Toyota is entering this car in international GT3 regulation racing, or will it be a Japan only Super GT formula? We’ll have to wait and see.

We’ve already seen hints of what this car could look like, and based on the bottom few inches, and the silhouette under the sheet, those hints look pretty accurate. As to what the street version may look like, however, we’re sure Toyota will continue to stretch that tease out. What is the over/under on this car having a shorter gestation period than Acura’s NSX? Either way, Toyota is probably going to fuck it up, or maybe not.

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Tom McParland

Why am I more interested in that Gazoo Racing Hilux that is just out of frame?