Image credit: HammerheadFistpunch

There definitely isn’t a lack of weird and odd places in this world. Thankfully (or not thankfully), most of them are accessible by car. What is most peculiar about these places is how they feel forgotten by time completely. Like everyone else moved on and the town just... didn’t.

That’s not always a bad thing, though. There’s beauty in desolation. Peace in loneliness. Glory in solitude.

You guys proved that.

Murder Trial (Stephen T)

Had some time, went to check it out.

Canadaaaaa (rctsCanada)

Bugs! Bugs everywhere.

Eleven Adventures (zedo)

And that’s not even all of them!

Who Needs Outer Space? (HammerheadFistpunch)

Not when we’ve got Earth.

Porn City (Autojunkie)

Now, this one is pretty bizarre.

Life Advice (NoMoreGermanCars)

When choosing a life partner, turn to Seinfeld.

Is That Russia? (Ted Ladue)

Seriously, you can see Russia from Alaska, right?

The Boondocks Of New Hampshire (What year is that?)

Where did the road go?

Old Bunkers (Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig)

Welded shut, you say?

Fifteen Dollars (Teh Penguin of Doom)

The tollbooth from nowhere.

Smoking Roads (AkursedX)

This looks absolutely fascinating.

Graves (Collin Woodard)

Hi, Collin.