The Most Gorgeous Photos Of A Porsche Cayman You Will Ever See

This past weekend I drove some of the most epic roads in all of Italy and Switzerland in a Porsche Cayman S. I also brought along pro photographer GF Williams for the ride. Your wallpaper needs for the foreseeable future have been filled.

GF and I stopped at every opportunity for great photos along the route. As I promised last week, there would be a massive photodump when the trip was over.


This is that photodump. Sit back, relax, and close your office or bedroom door. These are photos to look at alone.

These are in chronological order, commentary is provided where needed. Enjoy.

This is when I was pulled over in Austria for not having a Vignette. Whoops.

The road to Stelvio isn't paved right now. This was interesting, especially when it started raining.

One of the three Wiesmanns we saw in our travels.

GT-Rs from England.

Italy is ok, I guess, if you like nice things.

This is right after a massive rainstorm that almost washed us down the mountainside.

The road to our hotel was narrow and picturesque. It also had cows on it. And looked over Liechtenstein.

GF got up at sunrise on our last day and took some incredible pictures.

Photo Credits: GF Williams