Herd of Prancing Horses to Thunder Across Golden Gate Today

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Hey, San Francisco resident. You know that long lunch you've been threatening to take all month? Today's the day to do it, as over 60 Ferraris will be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at about noon (headed south into the City). Capping off the 8th Annual Ferrari Challenge Rally, the cars will blast out of the Waldo Tunnel and across the historic suspension span en route to the St. Francis Yacht Club in the Marina district, due to arrive about 12:15, where Ferrari North America will be honored by the City and the California Historical Society.


As a side note, on our last Bay Area trip we saw more Ferraris on the road in a week than we normally see in a year, and we even performed a low-gear rev duet in traffic between our on-loan Hemi Charger and a black 360 on Lombard Street. Of course, the Ferrari outsung us. In fact, the whole performance was rather akin to a duet between Luciano Pavarotti and Mark Farner. Grande Funk Ferroviaro, anyone?

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