Hennessey Corvette ZR750 Gets Flogged On Track

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What's better than witnessing a high-performance car getting flogged at the track? A 750 HP Hennessey ZR750 getting flogged at the track. Even better? Seeing a 750 HP Hennessey ZR750 flogged in an artsy video.


This killer, albeit short, video clip portrays a Velocity Yellow Corvette ZR1-based Hennessey ZR750 doing what it does best at the Lonestar Motorsports Park. Turning us on, turning some mean corners and making some horrifically monster growling sounds.
[via streetfire]

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Ash78, voting early and often

The backstory on this video actually has four different versions, but the general consensus is as follows:

The ZR1 and 12 other performance cars were sitting in the paddock, getting fueled up, tires, brake check, etc. The ZR1 kept insisting that it would be taken out and flogged soon thereafter, but the other 12 didn't buy it. In fact, the ZR1 even said that one of the others would betray him, but of course they all denied it.

But sure enough, the GT-R told one of the track officials that the Vette had race tires on and it wouldn't count towards any official records. So in order to prove or disprove this admission, the ZR1 was led away to be flogged. The track officials actually gambled for its bodykit.

And they flogged the sh*t out of it, and they thought they had beaten it. They pushed it back into the garage, shut the door, and deadbolted it. "That's the last we'll hear from that boastful jerk," they thought.

But three days later, a couple of cleaning ladies saw the garage was open, the lock shattered. And the Vette was gone, out roaming the world, offering hope to anyone who needs it. Americans overwhelmingly believe in the Vette, while most of the world is more skpetical (preferring to put their faith in the 911, among others). But the Vette does not discriminate. It'll give you a chance to believe, but one day it may just show up to kick your ass.