Hennessey Camaro Convertible is good for you, bad for your hairplugs

Right on schedule, like the 3:10 to Yuma, John Hennessey's dropped a blower kit into the new Camaro SS Convertible and found 602 horses. Just try and keep the eviscerated rubber particles out of your teeth.


The HPE600 costs about $16,000 over the Camaro's sticker, defeating the convertible's extra weight with extra power from an Eaton TVS2300 roots-type supercharger, high-flow injectors, Hennessey Performance Engineering's own cold-air induction, stainless steel long-tube headers, high-flow cats and ECU calibration, along with some telltale HPE accessories like a dash plaque, embroidered headrests and floormats. Installation comes with the price, as does a three-year / 36,000-mile limited warranty. As shown, the HPE600 Supercharged Camaro convertible with optional upgrades to the wheels, tires, suspension and CarbonAero carbon fiber front splitter and side sills costs $74,950 plus tax, title and license.

And as always, wear headgear, and make sure you notify OnStar before heading to the track.


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