Help Police Identify This Thief's Ford Truck

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Indiana State Police have reached out to Jalopnik readers to help find the 1987-96 Ford pickup shown in an image captured from a homeowner's surveillance camera on Monday morning. Its driver had entered a Lynnville, Ind. home on Monday, taking a gas can and an undisclosed sum of cash.


Authorities need help narrowing down the year of the truck in their search for the suspect shown walking nonchalantly through the edge of the frame. Do you recognize this 20-something-year-old Ford's paint scheme? Perhaps you've seen its owner.

If you've seen anything, contact Det. Paul Kruse at the Warrick County, Ind. Sheriff's Office at (812) 897-6180.


Are you a member of the law enforcement community and you need a vehicle identified? Please email us here with the subject line "To Catch A Car."

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Photo credit: Warrick County Sheriff's Office

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