Help Catch the Bastards Who Robbed This Tuning Shop

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We Jalops stick together, so listen up South Carolinians. Tuning shop TDC (Top Dead Center) Auto of Roebuck was robbed last week. The gloved perps used the shop's own tools to steal parts from several cars. Those dirty, rotten burglars.


This was no rip-and-run, but a full-blown heist. The thieves knew what they were after and how to get it. Here's the list of parts taken, the value of which totals in the thousands of dollars:

Car 1 (12-21-10)
GSR Block wth B16 Head - Yes, the engine was removed from the car.
Woodgrain ball shift knob


Car 2 (12-21-10)
25G Turbo
420A Log Manifold
Assorted Piping
1000cc Bosch Injectors
Synapse BOV
420A Upper Intake Manifold

Car 3 (12-21-10)
Greddy RS BOV (Has cracked outet)

Car 4 (12-21-10)
Boost and oil pressure gauge

In the shop 12-22-10

Type R Valve Cover
Brian Crower LS springs and retainer kit BNIB
ARP Main Studs, SR20Det BNIB
CP Pistons, SR20Det 10.5:1 BNIB
Stock SR2oDet Crankshaft
Eagle Rods, SR20Det BNIB
AEM Fuel Rail, B series, Red, New
Wiseco Pistons and Eagle Rods, KA24de, pistons were on rods, but New

These guys made an attempt at stripping my CRX:
Custom precision Intercooler, Back door style, Tial BOV
2 Black Rota Slipstreams, 15"
2 Lenso VSP Drag wheels with MT sicks, custom painted gloss black, engraved with PG.
Grey Skunk2 Shift Knob

TurboSmart Dual Horn BOV, on silver painted 90 degree intercooler Piping
Black HKS BOV on 3" piping
10" Enkei wheels, Matte Black, Dual valve stems


They spent the time to COMPLETELY remove a full Peakboost top mount turbo kit from another car in the shop.
PeakBoost Top Mount Manifold
Tial 38mm
PB Piping with Tial BOV
Sparco Steering Wheel
S2000 Shift knob
CTR Headlights
CX Racing Radiator

There are several other items missing. This is the majority of what was taken.

Anyone with information, please PM me, Call the shop, come by, or any other means of contact. We can be discreet and hide your identity. (Hat tip to humjaba!)


[via Clemson Sports Car Club]

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There's a special place in Hell for people like this.

A place where they can only drive a Prius. In a block-by-block recreation of new Jersey. With Alanis Morissette wearing clown makeup and singing in the passenger seat. Behind someone who lags behind the car in front of him just enough that people in the other lane get in front of him, making him lag back even more in an unending repetition of getting passed. And he makes it thru the yellow light. Stuck next to the kid w/ 40 15" subs pounding Euro Dance. In the snow. At 5:15PM.