Hello Proto! Skyline GT-R Proto Site is Live

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Reader Christo just tipped us off to the existence of Nissan's minisite for the Skyline GT-R Proto, the template for the next Skyline to be unveiled to a drooling congregation of lotus-eaters at the Tokyo show. All we can say is that this blunt-nosed stallion looks like a low-carb Clydesdale with the ass-end of a streamlined X-Wing. That, or a G35 with a serious 'roid problem, and we ain't talkin' 'bout no discomfort betwixt the cheeks, neither. Gander on, friends, and while you're at it, check out Nissan's ber-techy, vertigo-inducing Tokyo Motor Show site.

GT-R Proto

Spy Photos: Nissan GT-R Prototype


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