Hello Kitty to Discipline Naughty Police

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According to a report, Thai policemen deemed guilty of minor infractions are to wear hot pink Hello Kitty armbands as punishment. The cute kitties of Japan will adorn the arms of officers who act aggressively toward the public or leave their cars idling for long periods of time. The police colonel in charge said he chose the symbol for its pinkness and visibility. No word on whether they'll have to patrol in new police cruisers as well. [via The Daily Telegraph]
Photo Credit: Yellowberry.org


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Yes!!! It's a scarlet letter for cops!!!

I'm telling ya', I think this would work in the hood here in 'murca, too. Quit sending 'em to prison which costs us money, and just puts their droopy pants to good use, make 'em wear a pink Hello Kitty armband for a month. When they're done getting ridiculed & beaten for a month, maybe they'll stop doin' the crime.