Illustration for article titled Hello Kitty Ferrari 360 Is Proof The End Is Nigh

Are the threads that bind your hope for humanity fraying? Would they snap if we showed you a Ferrari 360 decked out in Hello Kitty kitsch? Prepare to lose faith. This Ferrari's aftermarket Hello Kitty exhaust tips command it.


This Ferrari 360, fitted with a not-insignificant prancing pony on the hood and Hello Kitty crap everywhere else, was spotted in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to the majority of the Biblical experts we consulted, it's horseman four of the apocalypse. With a sign like the giant roadside Jesus statue burning to a crisp after being struck by a bolt of lightning, our eschatology meter is going haywire.


If you have any cars parked outside you want to keep nice during the forthcoming rain of fire and plagues of locusts, we suggest you park them in the nearest garage. As for us, we'll be out back, having a beer and polishing some headers, calmly waiting for the angelic armies of destruction to descend upon the Earth. [Detik and GTSpirit via Carscoop]

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