Hello From Paradise, The Monterey Motorsports Reunion

We have made it to the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, this most Californian collection of vintage racing cars running in anger down Laguna Seca.


Nowhere else will you find as many oddball specials of the early postwar days of American sports car racing, nowhere else will you see the joy of Dekon Monzas shredding Porsche 935s. All around are rotary Mazdas of every type.

Nissan (or rather Datsun) is the featured marque, expect more fun stuff on that front. The cars are loud, fun and good.

I’ll have more on this event later, but if you’re out here and you see us, definitely come say hello. I am wearing a wild, insane grin with stars in my eyes, and our boss Erin has a Jalopnik t-shirt on.


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