Hell Freezes Over! 580 Maze Fixed In 25 Days!

Here's a California joke for you:
Q: What's orange and sleeps eight?
A: A CalTrans truck! (CalTrans = California Dept. of Transportation)
Yes, the Golden State's highway bureaucracy is legendary for glacial slowness of freeway construction and/or repair, and we all laughed until oxygen deprivation set in when we heard the claim that the contractor fixing the melted 580 Maze would have it working in an absurd 25 days. 25 months, if we're lucky! Yet... it's done. We just hope they used the extra-heavy-duty zip-ties and real JB Weld (JB Qwik is not rated for freeway repair, folks).

His reputation on the line, contractor finishes repair early, and I-580 opens [San Francisco Chronicle]


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