Helio Castroneves Naked In A Tire Swing Is One Way To Get My Attention

Whoever's behind RACER's Twitter feed, you are doing it right.


This photo comes from ESPN Magazine's "The Body Issue," wherein athletes tastefully pose in the nude because that's what a fit body is supposed to look like, thankyouverymuch.

Yeah, um, that's gonna get my attention.

In less naked news, IndyCar just released their 2015 rulebook, which abandons standing starts, but keeps assigning double-points for the Indianapolis 500 and the last race of the season. Groooooan. When even Formula One drops the same double-points gimmick for being too contrived, you know it's bad.


Standing starts were controversial when they were first added to IndyCar, but many fans now are bemoaning the series dropping them from the schedule. Like tasteful sidebutt, they do add a certain drama that you don't get otherwise.


Just keep posting, RACER. Thanks.

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