Helicopter crashes in New York City's East River

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According to the New York Times:

"A helicopter crashed into the East River off 34th Street around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday... televised coverage on WCBS-TV Channel 2 showed a man in a suit swimming and rescue divers pulling another man in business clothes, who appeared conscious, toward a dock. The authorities had no immediate word on how many people were aboard the helicopter."


UPDATE (3:49 PM EST) According to CBS New York and 1010 WINS, there were five people on board. Four, including the pilot, have apparently been rescued. The NYPD claims that there may be one more person left in the water.

UPDATE (3:53 PM EST) WINS is reporting that the Coast Guard claim that there were three rescued out of a total of three on board. That's been confirmed by nobody.


UPDATE (3:58 PM EST) New York Police chief says it was a Bell 206 commercial helicopter.

Photo Credit: CBS New York

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At least it wasn't Chopper 4.