Heheheheheh...Probe. Hecklerspray on Ford's Sportycar

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Man, we remember sometime in like 1983 when we saw a concept rendering of the Ford Probe in the Sacramento Union and thought, "Wow! That looks like a spaceship." When it debuted a few years later we thought, That's supposed to replace the Mustang? It never did, but it did take over from Ford's UK ponycar equivalent, the beloved-by-would-be-hoons Capri. And it still got no respect. While we gave Laverty the business for going too new with the Ford Ka thing a couple of weeks back, he's right on with this Probe bit. Well, sort of. After all, he does exhort, "We are so confident in the Probe s soon to be discovered coolness we recommend you go out and buy one right now."


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