A Porsche GT3 Cup Dyno Run Would Make The World's Greatest Alarm

Need to wake up on a sleepy Tuesday afternoon? Here's a chrome shark liveried 991 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup making a dyno run in all its loud, shiny glory.

You may remember the Kelly-Moss Motorsports "Lady Luck"-themed GT3 Cup from my obsessive roundup of all the Porsches at Lone Star Le Mans. That previous-gen 997 Cup has been replaced with a new 991 Cup, and the new car is chrome.


Do I miss the artfully done illustrated rivets all over the last car, or is the chrome so cool and bomber-like that I just don't care? Maybe. It's hard to tell over the glorious noises this emits.

No music. No frills. Just a 991 Cup's fantastic flat-six engine revving into the stratosphere on a dyno.

I'm in love.

Turn the speakers up to full blast, and there won't be a single soul left sleeping in the house.

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