Hear The Blood-Boiling Wail Of This 2,500 Horsepower Diesel Dragster

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The 426 Hemi in this Top Fuel dragster has been converted to burn diesel, with a target power peak of 2,500 HP. It seems pretty cool, until you hear it in action. Then it seems like an unbridled hellbeast with the rage of a tortured dragon and the energy of 1,000 suns.

The car, truck, dragster, or whatever you want to call it doesn't even get to full-throttle until about the 01:10 mark.

Hot Rod says this particular 426 Hemi was built by Curtis Halvorson of Extreme Engine Development in Alberta, Canada. He's also responsible for the "world's fastest Duramax diesel" which powered the Mormon Missile Bonneville Streamliner to 341 MPH in 2011.

As for the rest of this Hemi:

"The bottom end is based on a Brad Anderson Enterprises (BAE) Top Fuel aluminum block that's been fit with a custom diesel pistons and specially made billet-aluminum Hemi heads designed by Halverson to hold Bosch common-rail diesel injectors."


It's a neat project for sure. But that noise... that noise is going to haunt me.

Hat tip to Fabel!

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Not using ear protection doesn't seem particularly wise in this case... I guess that's just unAmerican of me though. Maybe they're just little in ear dealies... Ouch.