Floyd Mayweather Bought More Than 100 Cars From The Same Dealership

Illustration for article titled Floyd Mayweather Bought More Than 100 Cars From The Same Dealership

We already know that boxing champ Floyd Mayweather owns a lot of cars. He doesn’t drive them, but he sure likes to buy them. From Bugattis to Ferraris, he has bought so many from the same dealership they had to invest in a brand new cash-counting machine.

USA Today Sports interviewed the salespeople at Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas, NV. It is probably safe to say that “Money” Mayweather is one of their favorite customers. Just like we would get random cravings for food, Floyd may get the desire to purchase a car any time of the day. If he wants a vehicle at 2 am, Towbin opens up the showroom.


The only thing Mayweather doesn’t do is finance; like a boss he just rolls in with duffle bags full of cash. Nothing like dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a rapidly depreciating item to prove that you are indeed ridiculously wealthy.

It is estimated that Mayweather will make up to one-hundred million dollars on his fight with Manny Pacquiao. Maybe this time he will get something interesting...and actually drive it.

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I’m looking forward to the news story 10 years from now about him being broke.