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This morning some kind of monster left a Mocha Almond turd on the road in front of my house. Naturally I went rooting around to see if it had eaten anything interesting, but I ended up inside a spectacular cavern of quilted leather and soft wood.

The truth is this is still my number-one most loathed exterior design of all current-year production cars. But I have very different feelings about what’s on the other side of the sheetmetal.


The seats are so perfectly plush, with a nice quilt stitching worked into the middle. The woods is tinted this beautiful light color, cut into great shapes but with the softness of something that’s washed up on the beach.

The Infiniti QX80 is basically the only gargantuan luxury SUV I haven’t had the privilege of experiencing, and now we get to look after this thing for a whole week.

What would you like to know about it? Where should we take it? What the heck should we do to, I mean with it?

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