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The tried and true driving field sobriety test may be getting a much deserved update with the HawkEye detection kit that utilizes the eyes to detect inebriation. It is capable of detecting more than just alcohol, including drugs — light and heavy. Dick Studdard, a man with a very unfortunate name was the mastermind behind the HawkEye. It is a surprisingly simple concept despite the studdard-iness of Dick's idea. Regardless of its ability, I highly doubt it will be capable of penetrating the eyes of the grim reaper himself, Nick Nolte when he goes on a drunken driving spree.


The HawkEye works by magnifying and recording the eye behavior. This can correctly judge the pupil size. With standard field sobriety tests it is on the officer to make a judgement call on the pupil size, but the HawkEye is capable of doing it automatically and even recording the data for future use (YouTube or court evidence), if needed. [HawkEye via MedGadget]

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