Having Two Datsun 240Zs In The Family Is Better Than One

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If your dad won't give you his Datsun 240Z, you have to buy another one. Then keep asking for his, because it's turning more heads for a reason.

We love the Datsun 240Z to bits because it's cheap fun wrapped in a sexy body. In the US, that is. Mel and Ollie Streek live in Kent, so for them, getting a pair of Zs was a bit more challenging.


When I tell my American colleagues how rare the 240Z is in Europe, they get surprised. The fact is that the Fairlady Z made it big in Japan and even bigger in America badged as the 240Z, while in Europe, Datsuns were more on the Cherry side. Well, it could be worse.

So while the market is full of overpriced 280Zs around here, finding a proper 240Z usually involves importing one from the States. A Japanese sports car makes it to Europe via America. Then, from Norway to the English countryside. Quite a journey.

If you see a 240Z rotting in your neighborhood, get busy!

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Jonathan Harper

Any Datsun is a good Datsun, in my book. And a stroked motor never hurts :)