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We often think of cars as an extension of ourselves. So have you ever had a conversation with someone using your car?

The question comes from reader Aldairion's comment in a recent top ten.

I once had a short, non-verbal conversation with another car using my car.

I was driving back from a thing at night, in light drizzle, and I ended up behind a brand new Dodge Charger (hence the example) with its lights off, but it's BRIGHT DRL's on; tail lights are dark making the car very hard to see. I flash my highbeams at the driver, which he takes as a sign to move over one lane. Wrong, but no matter. I pass him, get in front of him, and then flick my own lights on and off a few times until he finally gets the message. Then I flash my hazard lights once, to which he flashes his, and we parted ways.

Car Conversation. Carversation.

Have you ever had a carversation? How did it happen, and what was said?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove