The Geo Prizm - a California-built Toyota Sprinter (aka Japan-market luxo-Corolla)- was a great car and all, but (like so many front-wheel-drive subcompacts) it suffered from the lack of a truck bed. Luckily, the world is full of ingenious folks with Sawzall in one hand and Master Cylinder of Schlitz in the other, and thus: Prizmino!

Y'all can thank our friend PeteJäyhawk™ for these grainy, overexposed cellphone shots. Mr. Jäyhawk™ doesn't provide much info about the mighty Prizmino, but he does state that the area around the rear window is sheetmetal, not the plywood we thought it was. First class all the way for the Prizmino's builder, of course. Keep those tips a-comin', folks!